It’s a  three step system created by a licensed aesthetician

who performs the acne facials in our studio .

This quarantine has stopped us from seeing our aestheticians and continuing our treatments. is that right ?  For this exact reason we created this three step acne peel that will be customized to the clients skin and current condition. 

4 skin issues a peel will solve ?

  • 1  acne 
  • 2  pigmentation
  • 3  acne scarring 
  • 4 clogged pored from skipping facials!

This peel is perfect for you if you suffer from acne, have pigmentation/acne scarring or have skipped your deep pore cleansing yikes ! ahhh. If these tough times  are stressing you out and showing on your skin you need this  . The best part about this kit is you are not in it alone !

what we mean by that is , along with the purchase of the kit you will have an online appointment where you will have a professional aesthetician guide you on correctly using this product and consult you on skin care to achieve your skin care goals !

If you are anything like me before I became a professional in skin care , I was scared to make purchases online. I feared using them on my own at home and causing more harm then good.

How it works 

this kit is formulated specifically for you ! in 3 easy steps


  • 1 schedule an online consultation to go over your skin concerns and make the order for the right kit
  • 2 Receive the kit within 1 week
  • 3 start the guided call with your aesthetician! ask all questions and become a pro at peels!

         Before and after peel 4 peels .