One thing I have noticed about new clients who come in with acne problems, is that they are aggravating it on there own.

It’s frustrating therefore they go online and search for remedies, which in some cases only makes the problem worst.

If you have acne, I want to share these 4 things” TO STOP DOING” to clear your acne.

  • Stop exfoliating with scrubs

Exfoliating the skin is the process of removing dead skin cells, which is good, we all need to remove build up, but when acne is involved exfoliating with scrubs is the worst thing you can do. Rubbing the skin doesn’t only irritate but also spreads the infection. Therefore if you want to get a proper exfoliation use Retin-A or visit a esthetician for a chemical salicylic acid exfoliation.

  • Stop using oils

When it comes to acne , stay away from oils. There are many oils that claim to heal, calm and help get rid of acne such as tea tree oil, coconut lavender or eucalyptus . Although they may have the ability to work in combination with other products , I believe simply applying the pure oil will only leave your pores clogged causing more dirt to get trapped which eventually could cause more acne . Therefor if your skin feels dry use serums or an oil free moisturizer.

  • Stop picking at you skin

I can completely understand the frustration of feeling unsmooth skin and breakouts. I have been there, Trust me I get it, but picking at your skin will only leave you with scars, bacteria spreads in the process and only makes things worst. If you see blackheads and Milia on your skin, stop your self from trying to clean them out on your own. I recommend letting a professional do this for you. Book a clarifying facial or a deep cleansing facial, which involves extractions.

  • Stop using cleansing brushes

Cleansing brushes such as the clarosonic and other gimmicks gained there popularity by claiming it cleans deeper . That may be the case, but when it comes to problematic skin with acne, dirt is not the problem. When you roughly scrub your skin with a brush you are spreading bacteria and irritating your skin not to mention you are over drying it confusing it to produce more oil, which then causes Milia “a clogged pore with a layer of skin, causing a bumpy texture ”. you will also notice more redness.

These are the most common mistakes clients make while trying to treat acne , although these things may be beneficial for other skin types , if you have acne just stay always from scrubs, oils, picking at skin and using cleansing brushes. I’m happy to give suggestions and recommendations anytime! Feel free to message me .