Suffering from cystic acne since I was a teenager, I understand the struggles of having low self-esteem due to your skin. I didn’t become a licensed skin care specialist by accident.  During my teenage years, I had no idea I would become the skincare expert I am today. My journey to destroy acne and boost my confidence brought me here. So what’s the big secret? Well…

When I was younger I didn’t take matters into my own hands when it came to picking at my skin and trying out DIY recipes for clearer skin. No, I first visited a dermatologist. We tried so many things. I was prescribed antibiotics which worked until I was finished taking all the medication. Once my prescription ran out I was breaking out even more! I went back. They suggested that we tried topical medications such as retin-A, Differin gel, and benzoyl peroxide prescriptions. The creams would just dry out my skin without helping the acne at all. I was so frustrated.

I gave up on the doctor and decided to try other products on the market. This is when I tried Proactiv, Clinique and even the organic Eminence Skin Care. Still no luck, nothing seemed to work!

Feeling defeated, I went back to the doctor and they suggested Accutane. They explained that this product is a vitamin A derivative taken as an oral medication. It has amazing results must be prescribed by a doctor because it’s for severe acne. Everything sounded so great! I was ready to jump in, I was desperate and would do anything to clear my acne. Then I did my research.

I found out what this medication was really like, the side effects and contraindications were horrible. I know all medications have concerning side effects but Accutane surpassed any normal medication and honestly it just didn’t seem worth it to ruin my body and health for vanity.

I didn’t want give up there! I knew there could be a healthier way to go about it. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before or why I didn’t even give it a chance but I went to a skin care salon and simply had an acne facial.

This aesthetician then became my mentor, she proved to me the power of a facial. Hence why I’m here today clearing acne one beautiful face at a time.

Facials really work and in the right hands you will get rid of your acne with facial treatments.

Visiting a skin care professional truly gives you the insight you need. For starters knowing the right ingredients for your skin is important, there are millions of acne products but having a professional analyze your skin and let you know what will work for you is key. This part changed my life.

Extractions, I can’t stop talking about extractions! I won’t lie it can be painful, not extremely but it’s very worth it. There is a true art to this process. Extraction does not mean popping pimples! No, no, no. There’s is so much to it, proper extractions is a major part of clearing acne. Resurfacing treatments with AHAs, along with extractions is the true way to get rid of acne. I truly recommend giving a skin care professional a chance for your skin needs.

Just check out my before and after photos of my own skin! I can’t believe the difference. I recommend anyone suffering from acne to try facials to improve their skin the right way. Also, feel free to comment below with any questions you may have. I’m located in Washington DC and happy to take new clients!