A deep pore cleansing should be in everyone’s bucket list. If you still haven’t tried it, put it on your list of things to do. It’s one of my favorite facials, and I have a whole list of favs. The deep pore cleansing however is my top ranking treatment not only because it is universal but it’s also very effective.

Have you ever wondered why your products may not be working as well as you would like? Well it’s because you are applying it over layers of build up on the skin and its not penetrating in properly to work well. The purpose of this facial is to clean out the pores from congestion, meaning removing blackheads and milia leaving your skin clean and oh so fresh! This allows your products to deeply penetrate and nurture your skin.

This facial can be relaxing. Although it is not the go to treatment if you are looking for relaxation. Like many facial treatments it consist of six main steps, here’s what to expect:

1  Prep Cleaning

The deep pore cleansing starts off by cleaning the skin of all environmental impurities and dirt on the skin, to begin the treatment with a clean slate, a cleanser is specially picked out for you by your therapist according to your skin type.

2 Steam

Warm steam is not only relaxing, it also softens the surface of your skin to enhance removal of dead skin and impurities. It helps soften blackheads and milia plugs to gently release from the skin during extractions.

3 Exfoliation

The exfoliation is designed to remove dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, speeding up product penetration and skin cell turnover. Exfoliation keeps your skin youthful with a glow. It can be administered either manually, mechanical, or chemically. The right form of exfoliation is key for the healthy results.

4 Extractions

The most important part of a deep cleansing facial is the extractions! If you love extractions this is most likely your favorite facial.  Extractions are when the therapist removes blackheads manually or with an extractor to release a clogged or compacted pore. Milia is also removed during extractions with a different technique as part of extractions.

5 High Frequency

This machine is used to treat stubborn acne and inflammation on the skin due to an infection. The pink/purple light treats bacteria and redness on the skin. We use this after extractions to help remove bacteria and close up the pores.

6 Mask

Finally the mask is the finishing touch to all facials! Once your skin is clean and without clogged pores or dead skin cells, you can finally apply nutrients which will penetrate your skin completely! Your skin is now ready to take it all in!

Deep pore cleansing is a great facial treatment for skin types such as oily, congested skin with blackheads and acne or acne prone skin. These skin types will benefit the most from cleaning out the pores. Having extractions helps prevent breakouts, reduce acne, and create smoother skin. Let’s not forget how clean you will look blackhead free!

Make sure to follow after care instructions from your aesthetician such as no makeup directly after the treatment.

Skip any harsh AHA products the day of your facial,  you may have sensitivity after extractions

So give your skin some time to feel completely back to normal .

If you have a special event its best to have a deep pore cleaning with time. I’d say at least 4 days prior, to have the best glow for your event!

You should give the deep pore cleansing facial a try, if you haven’t already!